susan.buxtonAfter graduating from the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry in 1981, Dr. Buxton spent 3 years working as a full scope optometrist in the Waterloo region. In 1984, after her husband had finished his Master’s degree, they both moved to Zaire, Africa for 4 years (known today as the Democratic Republic of the Congo). She established and ran optical workshops that produced low-cost, custom made eye wear for the local population. She also trained nurses to perform eye exams, and assisted the surgeons during cataract and glaucoma surgery. It was a life changing experience, and she now continues to enjoy regular trips to Guyana, South America with the Canadian Vision Care team.

Dr. Buxton and her family moved to London in 1992 where she joined Dr. Dick to form Byron Optometry. She provides the full scope of comprehensive services of family and contact lens practice and also enjoys the fun and challenges of children’s eye exams. She keeps up with the latest developments in eye care by attending several optometric conferences each year and by investing in new technology for the office.